1974 Chevrolet Chevy Monte Carlo All Aluminum Radiator

1974 Chevrolet Chevy Monte Carlo All Aluminum Radiator
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Product Description

This is a brand new high performance all aluminum radiator with a 1-7/8" thick core
Core measures 28-1/4" X 17" X 1-7/8"
Overall Dimensions: 33-1/4" X 18-1/2" X 3"
Inlet Tank: 18-1/2" X 1-1/2" X 3"
Outlet Tank: 18-1/2" X 3-1/2" X 3"
Outlet hose (bottom): 1-9/16"
Inlet hose (top): 1-1/4" (includes adapter for 1-1/2" hose)
Trans. cooler: 8-1/2" center to center
Has sensor port with plug mid tank and port with plug at bottom of outlet tank
Has heater return connection with optional cap

This radiator is designed with 2 rows.
The leading row is 1" and the trailing row is 5/8".
This is a unique design in that it exposes more of the hot coolant to the incoming airflow.

1972 models with 7.4 Liter Engine
1975 and 1976 models with 6.6 Liter Engine

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